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E-One Studio
29 June 2012
Featuring challenging puzzles and a bizarre cast of characters, Hoodwink is filled with intrigue, conspiracy and a good dose of mischief
Friday June 29, 2012 – Kuala Lumpur - E-One Studio, an indie developer, today announced that its eagerly-awaited PC adventure game Hoodwink is available to buy today via Origin ( Plunging players into the dysfunctional dystopian world of Global-01, in this post-epidemic megalopolis you play Michael Bezzle, a small-time thief trying to make good and win the girl of his dreams.

The all-powerful corporation Unicorp has other ideas, however, and set against a retro-futuristic backdrop, you’ll have to deal with bureaucracy, ruthless lawmen, chocolate-loving cyborgs and a vicious killer plant before you settle with the girl. Featuring challenging puzzles and a bizarre cast of characters, Hoodwink is filled with intrigue, conspiracy and a good dose of mischief.

"Hoodwink was a load of fun to work on,” says writer, Chris Kuok, known fondly as CK at E-One Studio. “With a mix of acidic humour inspired by Grant Naylor’s Red Dwarf and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, anyone looking for a good time will find plenty in our comical tale.”

Hoodwink is a classic comic adventure game that is deployed through the E1 game engine that creates atmospheric cel-shaded graphics that bring the murky backstreets of Global-01 to life. The game is further enhanced by a haunting soundtrack from award-winning composer Leon Willett*.

Hoodwink is available now on PC exclusively from Origin™, priced at £9.99. Localised text versions are also available in German, French, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

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* Best Music, GameSpy Game Of The Year Awards 2006, Best Video Game Score, Movie Music UK awards 2006.

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About E-One Studio
E-One Studio is an independent developer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Five years old and comprising 30 various talents from a multicultural background, the team has grown together, developing its own game engine and many development tools from scratch.

E-One is now ready to greet the world with the release of Hoodwink, the company's first point and click adventure game for the PC.
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